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Conny Kadia

Rua da Fábrica 8 - Aldeia Formosa
3405-392 Oliveira do Hospital - Portugal
Mobil Fone +351 96 58 71 960


Conny Kadia (Cornelia Eckert)
was born 1965 in Germany and has been living in Portugal since 1991.


  • 1971-84
    Had private lessons in classical piano, besides school and acquired a music degree for church organ at the age of 18.

  • 1984-86
    Formation for foreign correspondence clerk in English, French and Spanish since 1985. Inspired by Mahatma Gandhi (book: My Life, 1983!) Conny chose vegetarianism and awareness.

  • 1987-93
    Studied politics and philosophy at the University of Marburg/Germany.

  • 1993-2012
    Commenced a professional music career with concerts, CDs, workshops and as a private music teacher.

  • 1997
    Publication of the book “Musophia©” Kimba Djembé Orchestra, “The Language of the drum”.

  • 1997-2012
    Student and teacher at TamTam Mandingue TTM International, School for Djembé and Doundoun with Master drummer Djembé Folá Mamady Keita, Guiné/Westafrica/Global.

  • 1999-2012
    Founder and teacher of the school TamTam Mandingue Portugal, Quinta Mondega, Tábua.

  • 2003-present
    Founder and teacher at Music School & Arts Atelier Tábua/Portugal, teaching acoustic piano to students of three generations.

  • 2006
    Participated in Workshop Equus “The Language of Horses”, held by Instructor Anna Kerckhoff de Sacchi, a certified Monty Roberts Instructor, in Tábua/Portugal. Co-organizer together with Sophie/Pure Portugal.

  • 2006
    Participated in Introductory Course of Horsemanship by Anna Kerckhoff de Sacchi Algarve/Portugal.

  • 2006-2007
    Guide for Horse-Trekking at Quinta Alegria, Tábua/Portugal.

  • Since 2010
    Freelancer as translator and consultant for properties, farms and life in Portugal.

  • 2011-2020
    Performed in concerts with MENAT Jazz Ensemble, playing saxophone, flute and percussion. “Casinhas do Mondego” Nature Holiday Homes – “In touch with nature!” Family Project together with her niece and our partners, Central Portugal.

  • 2014-2020
    Researcher, investigator, activist and publisher of “Geoengineering, Programs of Weather Control Globally, Forest Fires 2017 Portugal” together with national and international scientists, mainly with the PMME: Planetary Movement Mother Earth, founder Prof. Claudia v. Werlhof, Germany/ University Insbruck – Austria/International.

  • 2020
    (Governmental lockdown) globally:
    No piano teaching, No jazz concerts, No djembé teaching, No family visits… during 6 months!

  • Since 2020
    Holiday Homes “Casinhas do Mondego” - “In touch with nature!”
    Family project together with the niece and partners, Center of Portugal

  • 2020
    Refreshing of “Mondequus© 2006/2020” (equus, the language of horses @ mondego river), Founder and Director of “Mondequus© Connection Training MCT 2020” Nature, Animals and People. Connection Training for people with the assistance of nature and animals:
    Horse Riding, Trekking, Riding Lesson, Oliveira do Hospital, Central Portugal.

  • 2020
    Participation at course “Journey to your own true nature” Cavalo Coaching held by Instructor Anna Kerckhoff de Sacchi Algarve/Portugal and “The Work” by Byron Katie and CQM.

  • 2021
    Author of the Article “Geoengineered Forest Fires Portugal 2017” in the e-book
    “GLOBAL WAR-NING”, edited by PMME Prof. Claudia v. Werlhof. https://www.globalresearch.ca/global-war-ning-geoengineering-is-wrecking-our-planet-and-humanity/5753754

  • 2021 - 2022
    Formation in "Cavalo Coaching - The horses as a mirrow" by Anna Kerckhoff de Sacchi, Portugal

  • 2022
    Start of the new Project EQUICOACHING "Mondequus Connection Training" - MCT
    - lessons and courses in natural horse/wo/men/ship
    - private riding lessons for beginners and trail rides
    - Equicoaching, Career Coaching and Life Coaching, individual and group sessions